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Originally, this page was just meant to hold links to videos to help with technique, but as more information is located for this site, it’s become apparent that this should really be a page to cover technique as a whole. Starting with links out to pages, and then moving on to videos.

Don’t under-estimate the importance of good technique. The difference between even ‘collapsing’ your back from straight and powerful to slumped and limp can mean 2 or 3 seconds per split. Swingin your back too soon can also cost you 2 or 3 seconds – bending your arms too soon, another 1 second, and finally, just not putting in the effort can be a huge difference – 20 seconds or more!

Links to websites discussing proper indoor rowing technique

As part of their #GoRowIndoor initiative, British Rowing have deconstructed the elements indoor rowing, and laid them out for you to understand.It comes in two parts – this one is the basic technique

And this one is, as the link says, how to perfect your technique.

ErgRowing is a fantastic site, which is worth reading as much of as possible. The extra ideas that he goes into on this page may unlock some hidden ‘feel’ in your stroke.

Very clear, well written piece which covers all aspects of the stroke.

Laid out in a very well put together PDF file, this is worth downloading and keeping for future reference.

UCanRow2 are doing a fantastic job at promoting indoor rowing – on this page they describe technique (and there’a a video there too)


There are a lot of videos on YouTube and all over the internet if you just wish to watch some inspirational indoor rowing. From 500m record attempts in someone’s front room to Graham Benton’s 2016 Crash-B row (stunning) – you can be entertained and inspired with an evening’s YouTubing.

But there are also good videos on there to help you with your technique.

Just typing Concept 2 Technique into YouTube will throw back countless videos that all give you a slightly different viewpoint. Some of them will contradict others (like should you let your heels raise off the footplate? Some say yes, a tiny bit – others (like Dark Horse Rowing) say no – you should remain flat at all times.)

However, here are a few videos that hit the mark perfectly to get you started.

Concept 2’s own Technique Videos

RowAlong YouTube Videos This is a combination of workouts / coaching and technique for you to RowAlong with and work on your rowing. All the workouts on this channel are free – there’s no sudden “To get more, you need to pay”. You strap in, and RowAlong with the video, and do the session as described. Then chat about technique, some motivational bits, and quite a lot of talk about dinner plans keep you going through the session.


Decent Rowing – Anthony Edwards takes you through the stroke

This next one is a video from one of the users on the Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Hub on Facebook. It’s an amazingly clear and insightful video. It was made to help another user called Aaron – but will help anyone interested in a step by step walkthrough trying to correct somebody’s technique.)

A surprisingly simple but knowledgable technique video from the folks at Harvard.

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