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You may have heard of, or even followed the “Couch to 5K” program for running workouts.

Well, this is my version on the rowing machine.  Zero to Hero. 

The playlist IS HERE ON YOUTUBE – but all the videos are listed below too. 


RowAlong - Zero to Hero

35 Videos

Use these RowAlong workouts to build up your fitness and strength.  The playlist is made up from a collection of existing workouts that I’ve made for other plans, and standalone workouts.  

I’ve grouped them together to help build your time and experience on the rowing machine so you can get to where you want go next.

So no matter whether you’re returning to fitness, or starting on a new journey, these rows should help you with your Rowing Fitness Goals.

It may be that you’ve already got some kind of fitness in you, in which case, pick a point on the playlist that seems to be around where you are in your rowing journey, and continue from there. 

The first few rows are, after all, there to build you up from Zero.  So if you’re a little on from that, either skip a few of the opening workouts, or maybe run one or two of them together! 

As always, if you have any comments or suggestions about this, or anything else “RowAlong”, please get in touch! Email me at

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