After the success of the original RowAlong 2K plan, enough people asked about a longer, 5000m plan that I figured ‘why not’ and put this together. As of September 2020, it’s only just begun – so the videos will arrive over the next few weeks. But the plan structure and session ideas are below – so feel free to go off-piste while you wait for the RowAlong videos. Check out the entire channel here:


The design is similar to the 2K plan. A structure of workouts everyweek with different instensities that range from longer, low rate workouts, to shorter higher rate workouts. Although the sprint work you often saw popping up in the 2K plan won’t appear much in the 5K plan.


The 2K plan was very immersive. Up to 6 workouts a week, and the intensity was high. Because the durations of the workouts in the 5K plan are longer, and some of the mid and top range intervals will take it out of you, the 5K plan is only 5 sessions a week. This leaves room for one entire rest day, and another ‘elective’ day – where you can pick to row a challenge session if you like, or take another rest day.

The weekly structure follows this format for the 5 day plan:

Mid duration intervals at “Mid Tier” intensity (7-8/10)
Long and Slow “Bottom Tier” Sessions (5-6/10 on effort scale)
Fast shorter intervals at “Top Tier Race pace and rate” (9-10/10)
Long and Slow “Bottom Tier” Sessions (5-6/10)
Mid duration intervals at “Mid Tier” intensity (7-8/10)
Fit in 1 Rest day and 1 x Elective day (rest, or do what you like)

Don’t dismiss the Long and Slow intervals. These are what give you the aerpbic capacity (basically, fitness) and the muscular endurance to get through a 5000m time trial at the pace you want to do it at. But at the same time – don’t push these. The temptation is to go faster to make it more interesting, but all you’ll do is deplete your energy stores for when the session says you CAN go fast. So treat these sensibly, and go fast in the right sessions.


Much like the 2K training plan – the most accurate way to do this plan is to do a 5000m time trial, and then adjust your training in relation to that. But you can use your existing 2K time to work out your training too. So I will give you both options. I’ll probably forget in the recording of the video, but you’ll see it on screen. For example, the introduction workout is:

40 minutes at 20spm – Pace is 2K+20 / 5K+15

If you have a current 5K time – use that. If you don’t, use your 2K time. If you have no idea what I’m talking about with ‘2K training time’ – then check out THIS PAGE for info.

Be warned though – guessing a 5K training pace from a 2K time can be rather inaccurate. So you may find it tough. It’s much better to pace your sessions from a current 5K time. (You have been warned!)


As with all the other sessions on the RowAlong YouTube channel, I row the workout along with you. I’ll start and stop when you should start and stop, and I’ll row at the correct stroke rate. So just RowAlong with me, at the right pace, and I’ll keep you right.

I’ll talk to you the whole way through, giving you tips on technique, talking about the plan and how it helps you get faster, row better, lose weight etc. I just try to be a friendly voice in your ear while we row the session together. There’s no music – so you can load up Soundcloud, or an app of your choice, and add what you want.


Click the Session link to head straight to the video on YouTube

PROLOGUE = 40mins at 20spm. Pace = 2K+18-20 (slower if you need to)

Week 1 S1
6 x 4mins at 28spm. Pace = 2K+6-8 (5K+1-3) 2min rests
Week 1 S2
4 x 10mins at 18/20/18/20spm. Pace = 2K+20/18 (5K+15/13) 90 second rests
Week 1 S3
12 x 2mins at 5K rate and Pace. 1 minute rests between each
Week 1 S4
2 x 20mins at 22spm at 2K+16-18 (5K+11-13)
Week 1 S5 Provided by Fitness Matters Workout of the Week – 12/09/2020
4 min at 20spm @ 2K+16 / 2 min at 28spm & 2K+6 / 4 min at 20spm @ 2K+16
Rest 2:30 – then repeat above (rest 2:30) and repeat once more.

Week 2 S1
7 x 4mins at 28spm. Pace = 2K+6-8 (5K+1-3) 2:30min rests
Week 2 S2
3 x 13mins at 18/20/18spm. Pace = 2K+20-22/18-20 (5K+15/13) 90 sec rests
Week 2 S3
10 x 2:30mins at 5K rate and Pace. 1:15 rests between each
Week 2 S4
30 minutes alternating 18/20spm every 5 minute (2K+20/18 / 5K+15/13)
Week 2 S5 Inspired by Fitness Matters Workout of the Week
10min / 4 / 10 / 4 – at 20/24/20/28spm (2min rests)
2K pace +20 / 12 / 20 / 6 (or 5K pace + 15/7/15/1)

Week 3 S1
5 x 5mins at 28spm. Pace = 2K+6-8 (5K+1-3) 2min rests
Week 3 S2
30 mins at 20spm. Pace = 2K+18-20 (5K+13-15) Single Power Strokes
Week 3 S3
20 x 1 min at 20spm. Full pressure ‘overload’ strokes. 1 min rests
Week 3 S4
30minutes changing through 18/22/24/18/22/24spm every five minutes
Week 3 S5
20min x 24spm.

Week 4 S1
8 x 3mins at 28spm at 2K+6-8 (5K+1-3)
Week 4 S2
30 mins at 20spm – 2K+18-20 (5K+15-17)
Week 4 S3
5 x 4mins at 5K Stroke rate and 5K pace
Week 4 S4
5 x 8mins at 18/20/22/20/18
Week 5 S5
3 x 8 min speed ramp – 6min at 24spm / 1min at 26spm / 1min at 28spm

Week 5 S1