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 I offer two forms of coaching (as well as the free plans I host here and on YouTube)

  1. Video Technique Check-up: Totally free. Just email me a video to and I’ll let you know if I can see anything that could help to be improved
  2. Personal Technique Check-up: A 1 hour zoom chat to help with your technique (and whatever else we can cover in an hour!)

The ‘quick look video’ check-up is entirely free because I love to help, but also because it helps me to spot and describe issues quicker and better each time.  I’ll give you my ‘eyeball’ review of your technique, and also the automated video review option as shown below. 

The live Google Meet chat option is $75 for the hour. If you’re interested, then you can kick things off either by emailing me on the address above, or by filling out and sending this form, and then we can arrange times etc.

I’ve included the calendar below so you can check availability (pretty much all the time over the Holidays!)

But please don’t book anything before getting in touch first.

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