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Rather than make an entirely new set of videos, I’ve grouped together existing videos to form a Half Marathon plan – Go check out the playlist here.

This plan can work for any level. Just start around your current “Max Time” you can row for. The first intention is just to get you to be able to row the Half Marathon. But if you already have a good base fitness, you can sit on the faster side of the pace guide to try to increase your speed too.

If you’ve only ever managed 30 minutes, start at the very beginning. If you’ve only managed 60 minutes – skip to the first 60 minute row.


The plan takes its time to let you develop your fitness and strength. It’s 5 sessions per week, but you don’t have to do it like that. You can choose as many sessions as you like – just make sure the last one is the next increase in duration as the plan goes from 35 minutes to 90 minutes. The final week has a 2 hour video to keep you company for your HM row.

If you feel once you get to a certain point (for examply, 70 minutes) and you’re ready to do the Half Marathon – feel free to stop the plan and go for it!

No matter what, this plan assumes you are able to row for at least 30 minutes at 20 strokes per minute, and that you have the foundations of a good technique. (Don’t worry, I talk about technique a lot during the rows, which will give you a chance to think more about technique).


As this playlist is made up from various workouts that I have here on the RowAlong channel, don’t be surprised if I start talking about 5K plans, or 10K plans during the row. Just stick to this playlist, in order, and you’ll develop the fitness and strength to row a Half Marathon while you RowAlong with me.


If you aren’t going to stick to the exact plan, remember to mix up intensities.

Ideally, the core of a week should look like:

Mid / Bottom / Mid / Bottom / TOP (5 Days)
Bottom / Mid / Bottom / TOP (4 Days)
Mid / Bottom / TOP (3 Days)

Where the “Top” session is the time increase.

Any questions, please ask.

It’s November 2023, and I’m in the process of totally revamping this website, my apologies that this page is a little bare.  Check out the 500m plan page for an idea of they’ll all look like.

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