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The main RowAlong workouts are designed to motivate and train you through a variety of different paces / intervals and intensities. And it’s fair to say, I talk a LOT during them. But sometimes, you don’t need or want that. You just want a visual cue to follow to hold to a stroke rate. So I’ve made a bunch of videos of just the same stroke rate for you to load up, put on your own music, and RowAlong to – without needing to put up with my chat!

The full playlist IS HERE if you want to bookmark it. Or:

15spm for 3 hours
18spm for 4 hours
20spm for 4 hours
22spm for 4 hours
24spm for 4 hours
26spm for 4 hours
28spm for 4 hours
30spm for 4 hours
32spm for 4 hours

I’m going to make some mix-up videos using these stroke rates once they’re all completed too.

It’s November 2023, and I’m in the process of totally revamping this website, my apologies that this page is a little bare.  Check out the 500m plan page for an idea of they’ll all look like.

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