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There is a large selection of indoor rowing teams to choose from. For a list of the teams that make up the current Concept2 team challenges, visit the 2017 World Erg Challenge Results page. Most teams have no performance criteria to join up, and nearly all of them are active on the various internet team challenges and races. Listed is a selection of the teams that compete in the CTC (The Cross Team Challenge) Once again, the task of putting this info together is proof of why Indoor Rowing needs some kind of resource that pools the information together – as it’s really tough to find all the information! I’ll do as much digging as possible, but if you’re looking to join a team that isn’t listed here, or that I don’t have the information for, you may want to check out the Concept 2 Forum Teams Page or the Facebook CTC page. If you spot an error, have any of the missing links or images that I couldn’t find – or would like to submit information for a new team, please get in touch
AIRC Try the C2Forum Page
Age Without Limits Try the C2Forum Page
The Banana Boat Try the C2Forum Page
BW Rowing Website
C2 Tweet Crew Try the C2Forum Page
Cornish Gig Rowers Website
CUS Bergamo Website
DLC Gidea Park Try the C2Forum Page
Empty the Tanks Website
Esprit Website
Fitness Matters Website
Forum Flyers Try the C2Forum Page
Free Spirits Website
French Indoor Rowers Website
Garage Athlete Find Them on Facebook
Gee Crew Try the C2Forum Page
Independent Try the C2Forum Page
LiveRowing Website
MAD Team Website
Olimpic Barceona Website
Paddy Power Website
Penobscot River IRC Try the C2Forum Page
Phoencian Rowers Try the C2Forum Page
Red Line Rowers Find them on Facebook
Rote 87 RK Try the C2Forum Page
Rowing Club Mantova Website
RowPro Rowers Website
Sub 7 Website
Team Oarsome Try the C2Forum Page
Tribesports Website
RowAlong Newsletter
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