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It will have come across that is focussed mainly on Concept2 rowing machines. This is mostly because of its use worldwide as THE machine for indoor racing, and nearly all online events too. However, there are many different makes and models out there to choose from. It may be that for whatever reason, be it aesthetics, money, word of mouth or just a desire for something different, that you want to be an indoor rower – but don’t want to use a Concept2 rowing machine. In which case, which machine should you go for? In time, original reviews of machines will appear here, but as we don’t have a full range of different rowing machines to hand, these two websites are great places to visit in the meantime. Although don’t just take the advice of these websites, make sure to investigate further before parting with cash. Buy cheap – buy twice. A review of the Technogym Skillrow Rowing Advisor Perfect Rower Rowing Reviews
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