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The RowAlong YouTube Channel

I'll post here when I've added a video to the YouTube channel.
But also use this forum for any specific chat about the videos/channel
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The RowAlong YouTube Channel

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In case you weren't aware, RowAlong is a YouTube channel where I post a whole bunch of workouts for you to RowAlong to, as well as technique tips and reviews of equipment and apps.

My USP is that I talk the whole way through the workouts, but I try to make it a bit lighter than a PT who would just shout platitudes at you the whole way through!! Some rows, I'm a little more on point when it comes to technique and motivation. Other times, I'm all over the place. Dinner plans, drumming, Van Halen and Dad jokes being a bit of a constant!

So if you're looking for some workout ideas, some training plans, or just someone to keep you company when you're rowing - maybe RowAlong is what you've been looking for?

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