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Hello from East Sussex, England

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Hello from East Sussex, England

Post by EmBC »

Although I’m short and not very fast, for some reason I enjoy the rhythm of rowing.
I have concept 2 rowed for years.
I think I’d be useless in water.
I changed my career from tax advisor to equipment Pilates instructor 8 years ago and now have less time to train than I did before!
I try to get up at 4:30am to do my training but it’s a struggle just now.
I am running the London marathon this year (or maybe walking it as my treadmill conveniently died Jan 1st).
Rowalong absolutely keeps me coming back for more rows. All my other training I do alone in my gym. (Don’t like training with husband in same space!) but I love rowing knowing others are out there doing the same, so am enjoying EXR events.
Was interested to hear John S had struggled to come back to fitness post covid. My fitness follows a similar pattern. I’m 51. I’ve always been keen on health and fitness but at 47/48 I felt the best I’ve ever been. Then I got Covid then long Covid and it’s been an irritating struggle back to nowhere near as fit so far.
The marathon is to give me something to push forwards for.
Rowing is my x-training of choice but Spring/Summer I’ll want to be out on my bike which I love.
I have the bikerg and skierg. Latter I have hardly used… but am hoping to pick up more this year if I can have a more consistent run of training without illness.
I have reached the stage in my life where I’m clear on what I want - to spend as much time outside in the countryside as possible doing the things I love - running, cycling or walking with my dogs. I do love strength training & I love what I do for a living and feel fortunate to have found that.
Thanks for having me in the group. ☺️
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Re: Hello from East Sussex, England

Post by audrey06 »

Hello from East Sussex, England!

Nice to connect with you, verna haywood. Hope you're enjoying your time here!
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Re: Hello from East Sussex, England

Post by travelhunza34 »

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