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Hello From Brownhills UK

Introduce yourself
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Hello From Brownhills UK

Post by AndrewF »

I'm a 51 (soon to be 52) year old male
I used to play water polo when I was younger until my eyesight got too bad.
I've had a rower since 2003 (model B) but then with kids I didn't manage much rowing until 2020 (I only did about 500,000m in 17 years)
Changed jobs, no longer had a 2 hour commute so could do more exercise. I now average about 2M m a year now, changed jobs again but can still work from home most of the time
Found this Scottish bloke who would talk about his dinner plans and love for spag bol on a Friday, bands (he got me into listening to London Grammar, sorry Dead mouse is not for me) By watching his videos, he has helped me improve my technique, has got me to go sub 7 for the 2k (much faster than I was in my youth)
I enjoy the competitions and being part of the boat in the CTC challenge, seeing if I'm faster or slower this month than the normal group I*'m with. II even went to the British indoor rowing championship in Brum last year (came 17th out of 38 who entered for 2K and 12th out of 22 for 500m)

I have even met the man himself and his lovely family (did have to travel 6000 miles to do it) on our summer hols to Disney

I really like this corner of the internet, where John has built a great friendly group that everyone celebrates achievements whatever they may be
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Re: Hello From Brownhills UK

Post by willhoyer »

Nice to learn a bit about you Andrew! Eliminating the commute and working from home is definitely a boon to rowing! It will be fun to continue to push each other this year!

I still find it crazy that you met John at Disney...
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Re: Hello From Brownhills UK

Post by drathewthomas32 »

Hello from Brownhills, UK! It's great to connect with someone from our area. Brownhills has a rich history and is a lovely place to call home. Whether you're here to chat about local events, share stories, or just connect with fellow residents, I'm glad you've joined the forum. If you have any questions or want to share something about Brownhills, feel free to do so. https://haywoodofficeservices.co.uk/col ... tor-chairs
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