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Concept2 Virtual Team Challenge Jan 2024

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Concept2 Virtual Team Challenge Jan 2024

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Happy Monday!

I've not really had my eye on the Concept2 Virtual Team Challenge yet this month (https://log.concept2.com/challenges/vtc/2024/teams) so I've just popped on and had a look to see how the rankings are.

The Diamonds Over 60's Erging Group as usual are leading by a massive amount. This is by virtue of having a LOT of people rowing for them. Per rower, we're 3000m per person greater than them in 5th place.

Not that I'm trying to put down what they're doing. Getting almost 1000 people to row, which is around half of the team is an astounding acheivement.

By contrast, RowAlong has over 700 team members with only 158 people are signed up to the Virtual Challenge. Don't worry though. It's totally up to you if you want to be part of it.

But if you are rowing/biking/skiing on a Concept2 in January, and you didn't know about the Challenge, make sure to click "Join Team Challenge" on this page: https://log.concept2.com/team

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