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All about the RowAlong Team

Although RowAlong is about the YouTube workouts - there's also a Team!
Find out more, and talk about it in here
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All about the RowAlong Team

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Although RowAlong is really about the YouTube channel and all the workouts, it makes sense to have a team on the Concept 2 logbook, and in 2022 after being asked about it enough times, a CTC (Cross Team Challenge) team was created too. More info about both of these is below:

Concept2 Logbook Team.

If you row on a Concept2 (or bike, or Ski) and you haven't already, go to log.concept2.com to sign up for a logbook account. There are two ways to log your metres (UK spelling, I know) to the logbook.

1) Manually. Finish your row, write down your distance and time taken - and copy down the verifcation code if you need to then go to your logbook, and you'll an option to enter your row data manually. If you're using a verification code, make sure your date and time on matches the monitor you're using.

2) Via an app Most phone apps that connect to the PM5 on your Concept2 will connect directly to your Concept2 logbook (you'll need to link it in the app though). Then these apps will upload your row data automatically after each workout. By far the simplest way!! PC/Mac apps like RowPro also connect to your logbook. Check with the app you intend to use if this is something you really need it to do for you.

The logbook isn't just a place to log your workouts though. For any 'ranked' workout ( 100m / 1min / 500m / 1000m / 2000m / 4 mins / 5000m / 6000m / 30mins / 10000m / 60 mins / Half Marathon / Marathon / 100Km) as long as you rowed exactly that distance or time, you can Rank yourself against other rowers on the logbook. A great way to see how you compare.

But also, you can join a team.

Go to https://log.concept2.com/team and find a team you want to join. (Hopefully RowAlong) and then click Join Team. And that's it! You're in!

But don't stop there. You can set your affiliation to the same team by going to https://log.concept2.com/profile/ then picking the Affiliation tab, and finally picking your team (Hopefully RowAlong) from the drop down.

I have a video about this here:

Cross Team Challenge Team http://www.c2ctc.com

The CTC is a monthly competition, with the challenge row changing every month. It's a great way to put your training into action and find out what you're made of! It can look a little confusing with all the boats and who goes where, but you don't need to worry about that. The website software does all of that for you. You just need to register, row and enter your score.

To register - I do have a video which goes through the process:

  • Go to http://www.c2ctc.com and top right, under the header, you'll see "Add or Update Person". Select that.

    Fill out the fields. Make sure to remember your password, the site doesn't have a "Forgot Password" option! Select your team (hopefully RowAlong and specifics - and then click "Update Details". Which is the start of things going weird.

    The page that comes up with tell you it's the wrong password. Don't worry. Just go to the main page, and from the drop down list of names, see if your name is there. If it is, it all worked. And you can use that to enter your score. Once you've done that, you should see on the left side, your name will appear as part of the recent results, and then you can look through the RowAlong boats to find the one you're in.

    Now it's up to you to decide whether you want to keep trying to get into a better boat. (You can have as many attempts as you like.)

    If you mess up your score entry, don't worry. Just enter a new score and it'll update.
The website is old and shaky. But it looks like British Rowing will be updating it and taking it over soon!

You'll see a sub-forum in this forum for discussions about the CTC. Feel free to join it if you're rowing for the team. PM me for the password.

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